Its a start

well, after much procrastinating, I have begun the daunting task of a website that will link all pertaining sites to here. We are working on some ideas to share with all our amazing fans. We hope to have WELDERS DAUGHTER TV, where we will upload videos from our live shows, road trips and many musical adventures. our own reality tv. so to speak.I am encouraging the whole band to contribute their own little video blogs on music, learning songs, buying gear, tech talk, or whatever happens in our little world that we want to share with you. We have an amazing backlog of footage and we will begin to sift through some "classic' footage for you. Bloopers are my fav!!
We are also continuing to work on the never ending country album, and hope this will be the first place you look for it. The music is something I am proud of, despite, the many set backs . Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun!!