Some cool shows!

As some of you may have noticed, we have been very active outside of our usual house gigs lately. We have been actively participating in more community shows due to demand.(Thank you!!) We've partied with several organizations this year  including LONG JOHN JAMBOREE, RCMP REGIMENTAL BALL, SKILLS CANADA,NWT,  Several Christmas parties and more! As we finish up our 10 month contract with the Gold Range for this year, we have added some different scenarios, just to keep expanding our presence and  try to go to you! WE are excited about heading to Hay River for this years HAY DAYS FESTIVAL (JULY 6 and 7) We have  also been selected as an opening/featured  act for the SHEEPDOGS on July 4. This is a win to get in situation. It has Very limited space /tickets as its at the TOP KNIGHT Pub here in Yellowknife. Ill include a link here for access. 

So have a great summer everyone, we are continuing to move up, learn, write and record and add new and exciting things to our little world. Thank you for all these years and your support. Things are getting exciting for us. Stay tuned!!