Staying healthy

Staying healthy is a job requirement as a fulltime musician. we don't get sick leave, or can just call in sick. Many musicians will tell you about when they had a bucket beside the stage for possible usage. We have had our fair share of sickness and have discovered what to do to survive the vast bugs, virus' and contamination we surround ourselves with.
We will tell you about the time there were piles of Kleenex, bottles of buckleys that were drank like beer, and sweating, dizziness, IVs still attached and even pregnancies while still performing, and still smiling and putting on a high energy show all the way.
So, what's the secret, you ask, to performing 5-7 nights a week, especially here in the north where its cold most of the year and there seems to be many colds and flus around?
I have come to the conclusion, after years on the road, that different places have different bugs. This, is of course, my own thoughts. It just seemed, that after a few years of playing the same places, we had built an immunity and after the first couple of years on the road, we didn't get quite as sick. Or was it because we figured out how to stay healthy? It certainly wasn't because we ate
I now firmly believe in a good nights sleep ( a MUST for the singers in your band. I insist on at least 7 hours) and using a combination of  vitamins and immunity building products.
I have come to a place where I am fully aware of my body. Its my instrument. When I feel tired, I will notice immediately and will not call those harder songs to sing. Especially if its during the week and its quiet .I may not go for the highest note that night, I may sing the octave lower. We also down tune 1 whole step and that has preserved my voice to the point, I have not lost it in over a decade now. I will also get the other members of my band to sing more to conserve my voice. If I feel that little tickle in my throat and that little' ahem' cough starting. I immediately up my regular vitamin D intake to 10,000 UI. Every day is 5,000 ( or 5 drops or tablets)
If I feel stuffed up, I increase the vitamin C to double. This is done until you feel better, usually a couple of days.
I also use colloidal silver when I know I'm coming down with something really nasty.It can also be used for gargling, tonsillitis, and even  cuts on your hands.Its a natural antibiotic and works like a darn.
Staying positive, laughing and appreciating everything you have ( even if its not much) also does a wonder for keeping you well.
Happy holidays everyone. Stay healthy and shine your inner light for all to see!